Oil Price Information Service

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) is the world’s most comprehensive source for petroleum pricing and news information. OPIS began covering petroleum news in 1977 with the launch of the award-winning Oil Express Newsletter. In 1980, OPIS pioneered "rack" price discovery for thousands of wholesalers, and now maintains the world's most comprehensive database of U.S. wholesale petroleum prices, receiving more than 30,000 rack prices each day at over 1,500 terminals in nearly 400 market locations.

In 1981, OPIS began providing spot price assessments for all refined products. Today, OPIS spot gasoline, diesel and jet fuel prices are highly benchmarked in the U.S. West Coast and other key markets. OPIS' refinery feedstocks and LPG prices are also considered a preferred benchmark by many U.S. and international traders. All OPIS spot and rack prices are available historically to customers via our web-based TimeSeries database.

In 1999, OPIS launched the first retail petroleum pricing database. With its unique ability to map retail prices back to wholesale markets, it quickly launched a retail margin service. OPIS now receives daily gasoline and diesel prices for more than 110,000 retail outlets in the U.S. and Canada. OPIS prices are used by AAA, Microsoft (MSN Autos), Garmin, MapQuest and dozens of other website and mapping companies, in addition to its core oil company base.

OPIS is comprised of more than 50 information specialists, including the most experienced editors in the business, combining over 200 years of industry experience. Our editors not only cover the market, and report breaking stories -- but also provide inside analysis on what the trends mean and how they could affect prices and purchasing decisions. They are joined by customer service, sales, marketing, information technology and conference specialists, who strive to provide quality products, services and service to our customers.

Our client list is strictly confidential, and includes the top 200 oil companies, thousands of distributors, traders, government and commercial buyers of petroleum products.

For more information please visit: http://www.opisnet.com

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